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10 movies with beautiful cities – Visit your dream cities

10 movies with beautiful cities – Visit your dream cities

The holiday season unfortunately ended and in fact in a rainy autumn evening so want to eat fresh croissant somewhere in a Parisian cafe drink a glass of red sitting in a restaurant overlooking the Thames or just find yourself on the shore of the warm sea. Especially for online Cinema presents a selection of films which for half an hour to turn an ordinary evening into an extraordinary journey.

London vacations

A unique opportunity to see London in 1945. Allies celebrating the victory over fascism Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret allow parents to leave Buckingham Palace to lead the night with his people. Lovely story with subtle humor spiced with spectacular views of the UK capital of Trafalgar Square the Royal Palace Big Ben. It’s time to make a tea with milk and follow the adventures of the princesses.

Die Hard A good day to die

Bruce Willis kills opponents on the streets of Moscow. The famous Die Hard arrives in the Russian capital to rescue his son out of trouble. Together they again get into trouble. This film introduces the sights of Moscow and give a half hour continuing action.


Married for 2 days

Lovely French comedy will send viewers to Kenya Belgium and Russia. Filming took place in these countries so that everything is real. The main character of Isabelle future bride looking for a friend of the bridegroom because of a family curse. The first marriage always disintegrates the second the strongest. She decides to marry a stranger then to divorce and become the wife of a loved one. But it all went wrong. Meticulously Isabel rushes from one extreme to another then from itself does not expect.

New York New York

The dramatic story of Philip Seymour Hoffman in the title role. He plays a theater director is in a creative crisis. His hero decides to stage a play and create in an abandoned warehouse real model in New York. The film was the directorial debut of renowned screenwriter Charlie Kaufman so that from it should not expect a deep and thoughtful story.

London Has Fallen


Gripping thriller with Gerard Butler in which London is covered in smoke from fires. The US president and his loyal bodyguard arrived in the capital of Britain to bid farewell to the Prime Minister. The safest event which brought together the leaders of all countries is transformed into an attempt on the heads of state. The terrorists attacked London blow up bridges and buildings but met his match.


Lovely film about a living teddy bear begins in the deep Peru. Then the hero is sent to London the British family finds him at the station Paddington and gives it a name. Mishka as he wanted to becomes a real family. Viewers will see the typical London streets the famous subway and Museum of Natural History as well as with a sinking heart will follow the adventures of a touching character.

Kingsman The Secret Service

Another film showing the London audience. Here the capital embodied in its people true gentlemen, and special agents men of the people who live in the suburbs. Simple guy Eggs acquainted with Harry by Colin Firth. He offers to become a real special agent hero what is necessary to pass a series of tests. Cufflinks oxfords perfectly sewn custom suits this incarnation of London. Manners the man’s face, says the hero Firth. How he’s right.


In this film, Jude Law plays James Bond with a butterfly and Jason Statham a foolish superspy. The charm also lies in the field of comedy location the action takes place in the most beautiful European capitals in luxury castles restaurants airplanes. The camera shows the beauty of the Hungarian Lake Balaton which will take the hero Statham overseas. A great movie for a great evening.

national Treasure

If you’re flying to the US capital the capital of the United States flying to your screens. Adventure movie about treasure seekers and shows all the famous places and artifacts Washington. Heroes expect chase puzzles and historical incidents which to them no one knew. Nicolas Cage will save the whole nation it is a force.

The First Avenger The Other War

The film about the superhero Captain America is going on in Washington. After all the events he tries to adapt to a normal life. Gradually Cap understands that the organization for which he works has something to hide. So begins an exciting spy picture with red haired Scarlett Johansson in the role of agent Sch.I.T.a. The bonus great views of Washington daily.

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