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Which Things prevents you to become rich

become rich

Which Things prevents you to become rich Most I believe thinks that to become rich woman prevents primarily derived from a poor family. More often, I come across with conviction that to achieve financial well being hampered by lack of cronyism, useful links. Both statements are false. Direct correlation between happiness and the amount of money does not exist. It ...

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Why do we not know how to relax?

we not know how to relax

Why do we not know how to relax? End of the first working day and you already feel so if worked seven days a week for three months? No it’s not that the New Year holidays were too short. The fact is that we must be able to rest. We will tell you how to learn. Yes we know that ...

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HBO’s Foreign Wars denounces US macabre project in Colombian territory

The result of an agreement between Colombia and the United States to combat drug trafficking, the country has for years disseminated a carcinogenic herbicide in the air that severely affected the population. In the early 1970s, then US President Richard Nixon launched the “War on Drugs” program. It aimed to reduce domestic consumption. Hence the intervention in Latin America’s external ...

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25 Lessons in life that everyone should learn from Rumi

25 Lessons in life that everyone should learn from Rumi “Study me as much as you want, you will not know me, because I’m different in a hundred ways from what you see me. Put yourself behind my eyes and see me as I see myself, because I chose to be in a place that you can not see. “- ...

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Air tragedies and heavy energies prowling the World – watch video

In recent weeks Brazilians opened their doors and their hearts to the mourning that took over the nation after the aerial tragedy with the Chapecoense team, but the media used this delicate moment to plant those seeds that germinate with pain, sadness and human fragility. It was not long before the entire population took the pain of the family to ...

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