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HBO’s Foreign Wars denounces US macabre project in Colombian territory

The result of an agreement between Colombia and the United States to combat drug trafficking, the country has for years disseminated a carcinogenic herbicide in the air that severely affected the population.

In the early 1970s, then US President Richard Nixon launched the “War on Drugs” program. It aimed to reduce domestic consumption. Hence the intervention in Latin America’s external production, especially Colombia, was a leap.

It was up to the American governments that succeeded Nixon to maintain the effort and increase interference in the high-producing countries, including with an additional interest: military presence and financial resources to combat the guerrilla movements that were spreading in the region.

The invasive boom occurred in 1994 when Presidents Bill Clinton and newly elected Ernesto Samper signed the Plan Colombia. Previa be allocated US $ 7.5 billion in social investments, technical and military in the eradication of illicit cultivation of Erythroxylum coca , including through aerial spraying with glyphosate.

Among the practitioners of illicit were poblaciones rural and indigenous oriented, financed and trained by the drug cartels to obtain the folder, who sold their productions.

Who is illegal?

In this way, agribusiness sponsored the economy and the social consequences of these Colombian agricultural groups and, later, distributed to world consumption in the forms of pulp and powder, made the fortune of the drug-trafficking chain a misfortune of social tragedies and tragedies.

At the same time as the fumigations reduced the cultivated areas with the coca was increased the repercussions in the health of the peasants. The images in the documentary are strong when exposing diseases of skin, eyes, congenital deformities, abortions.

Yes, let’s not imagine toxic poison, from the sky, at any altitude, falling exactly on the bushes of the vegetable and sparing the other licit living beings, indigenous for example of diseases and deaths.

After watching the documentary, the first thought was how much it is not possible to control stupidity and corporate and political greed, when the consequence is “only” the extinction of harmless poor. Only in other people’s war. Think of the volumes of glyphosate that the North American sold to the US and Colombian governments.

In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the herbicide glyphosate as potentially carcinogenic. The fact reached the mark of the molecule produced by the North American Monsanto and made the president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, to suspend the aerial fumigation of the herbicide, allowing only direct applications in the soil, manual or mechanical.

General esperneio, which is abundantly shown in the documentary.

For proponents of aerial applications, after the ban, cultivation increased by 15-20%. On the contrary, the decrease was due to the fact that other crops became unfeasible due to the fall in the prices of commercialization and increase of the inputs. Going back to coca would be more profitable.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), since the 1990s there has been a slight decline in world cocaine production. This has led to the introduction of cheaper new drugs and expanded forms of combat Production and consumption.

These data are not confirmed for Brazil, considered as the largest distribution center of the planet and consumer four times greater than the world average.

If aerial fumigation with glyphosate was permitted only since 1994 in Colombia, what is the positive result of this policy on combating drugs? The illness and death of poblaciones cultivators?

Other People’s Wars makes this clear.

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