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Which Things prevents you to become rich

Which Things prevents you to become rich

Most I believe thinks that to become rich woman prevents primarily derived from a poor family. More often, I come across with conviction that to achieve financial well being hampered by lack of cronyism, useful links. Both statements are false.

Direct correlation between happiness and the amount of money does not exist. It occurs only in case of serious health problems. Everything else the state of the psyche. When a healthy person’s mind need so much money how much he can eat through.

I’ll start a little distance. In the period of perestroika in schools actively discussed the issue of school uniforms. Say if you give children the opportunity to dress up is not in the form once it becomes clear difference between rich and poor. And on the side of egalitarianism teachers were more likely which would like to maximize smooth and conflict free team in the class. It was believed that the apparent difference in the material status will lead to that the children of wealthy families will treat as children from low income families. I was working at the school I was a young teacher, and virtually the only who stated the opposite. Children from poor families looking at the more affluent peers will have extra motivation in the future to change their material status earn more to strive to achieve career and success.

It is because of the poor to the rich. This statistic. In Russia we do not have the so called Old Money the state which would be formed by generations and passed on. That is all the rich which we see today is the people coming out of the Soviet Union as well as those who are now poor. Starting conditions were roughly equal but some are shot, while others do not.

The first symptom of innate poverty it is the anxiety and fear that the money runs out. If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking What we will have if. There is a beautiful poem which is known to all fans of the movie Kin Dza Dza

That’s just a sample of the psychology of poverty. Delaying for a rainy day the intentional accumulation it is putting money aside in the conditional piggy bank, not because they remained unspent a regular cutting off of certain sums from the budget, the calculation of costs it’s to pay the bills it is a movie and ice cream, all it generates poverty. This is a sign of flawed consciousness a poor man’s consciousness. And unfortunately the vast majority of people in our country live that way saves defers limits itself around. Saving money you take them away from himself and his current fulfilling life. You serve your fears and strengthened in the psychology of the poor man.

For comparison, there is a concept like the French ideology. French not the richest nation in the world and France is not a leader in the global economy. And wages are not sky high in France but life is quite expensive. So most unsecured French which buys clothes in a department store TATI the lowest price level then only second hand, can afford to buy a handbag shoes or scarf which will cost the space for her money. But buy it. On the last of his money. Because I want to because it is a delight because it is beautiful. Live as today is the last day and in the end you will not go wrong. This is the psychology of joy from the money spent. You see? There is a bunch of money the joy. But in our minds money anxiety problems lack of. Can not get hung up on money you can not communicate with them all their hopes. A fairly typical way of life in a dead end it is to live and think that now it is you have only a rehearsal of life. And they say tomorrow you moved to another apartment and loaded onto a luxury car and even then begin to live a truly We must live for today. If you are ever dissatisfied with the fact that you have and you do not have a full fledged TODAY then where will complete tomorrow?

The man with the psychology of the poor man puts his life on then he wants that’s ever come that same happy and secure life. But if you set aside even money though fun though life, it will not come nor COH da.

Another feature psychologically poor man he was pathologically confident in his ability to earn. At the interview, these girls all kind of reporting that for them the honor of being invited to a meeting they dream to get a job at the company. They do not consider it a job interview as a meeting of equals the company is looking for an employee and the employee is looking for a company. They originally occupied the position of bottom, the position of the little man. So we as they say the elephant will not sell.

What to do? To begin with to gain confidence in their professional qualities. Each certainly call some skills or abilities that it is good. Be proud of it. Yes you do not know much and do not know how but you are able to quickly learn how You are able to learn new to gain experience you are worthy of high positions and high incomes. Are you mentally prepared to spend the money on something what you like and not stored in fear that everything be taken away tomorrow. Because if as time taken away then all your efforts turn to ashes. If you will be spending money here and now at least you will live in joy.

Remember the phrase The situation in the market. Yes there are people who compare their income with the middle of the hospital and are guided by it they would earn about as much how many offer other people with similar qualifications. But this is nonsense.

Let’s go further. Rich people are not afraid to live in debt. They are confident that this long period of time and quietly give him as soon as receive regular income. And that this income will be they have no doubt. They will find an investor sponsor will drive two businessmen and will receive a fee for services change the pricing policy offering its services to more successful production. They have a free thinking wide and know that you did not work one way the other works. They are not afraid to take risks and to seek it is their passion their adrenaline.

Here’s the real story the girl dreams of a beautiful car. I saw an advertisement for the sale of cars fuchsia which is a hair’s breadth match the color of her favorite gloves. Considered it is a sign from above collected by friends colleagues and relatives to borrow money and bought this car. The next day after buying a girl entered the intersection two doors for replacement. She did not take out insurance. Fault recognized mutual compensation she was not supposed. What did she do? I went back to collect the money in the debt They repaired the car. And what do you think? A month later, she found a new job with a higher salary two concluded a lucrative deal and received an award from the management and three months later completely pay off debts and for the car and repair. And six months later I went to rest abroad. Because she believed in herself in fact that the money she earns that financial difficulty time and the car she wanted right now. I’m almost sure that it did not buy that car she would not find a new job respectively would not increase revenues. Debts stimulate push forward rich people do not fear them.

Another sign of a potentially rich man he is not afraid to work for themselves. Almost everyone starts with employment but once a person is aware that has gained enough experience he goes into free swimming. Because even the salary of top managers it’s just that sum which he pays who are actually a lot of money. Salary relaxes. You understand that the 1st and 15th you will get this much. You just enough to so and so. Working for yourself requires that you are responsible for whether you bread tomorrow. Or bread and butter or bread with caviar. And aspiring to wealth people are not afraid that is not enough. Is not enough take a loan open a new project and pay off.

Another example a potentially rich man boldly invest in their future. He does not go on half measures. If he opens a restaurant it is just big and beautiful restaurant with high quality interior good wines and a professional chef. This person will not begin with a space with a cheap repair with plastic chairs and diner menu in the hope that some money let alone potooom … See? He did not lay a good life in the future. Its restaurant initially will operate at a loss then level off if it is not to save on products and personnel and then become a fashionable place and bring profit. A snack burned a man convinced that he is a bad businessman and slide back into their poverty.
If a person does not build a business and trying to avoid the loss anxiety and fear of bankruptcy is pushing it for errors which sometimes prove fatal.

It is therefore difficult for women to get rich. The woman is responsible not only for ourselves but also for children. And yes in many situations it safer and more reliable to get paid 2 times a month, and to know that she and the children will be fed clothed and shod. I did not condemn this approach I want to emphasize this. He just never lead to wealth. This, too, can be a conscious choice and nobody has the right to consider it wrong.

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