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What procedures are best done in a cold season?

What procedures are best done in a cold season?.

In the cold season with its rain wind and snow has its advantages. This is an excellent opportunity to do themselves and make those procedures which are contraindicated in the summer.

What procedures are best done in a cold season?

The unwanted hair age spots spider veins traces of acne or just dull complexion all these problems are easily solve hardware cosmetology. Doing this in the spring and summer, experts do not recommend. And you will start in November will have beauty to the New Year.

Laser Hair Removal

This procedure will help you forget about the razor wax and depilatory creams. The result will be noticeable after the first time and after 4 5 treatments unwanted vegetation will disappear from sight forever. How it works under the influence of laser hair bulb breaks because it is in the melanin absorbs the light output. Why winter after laser hair removal skin becomes sensitive and it is better not to expose it to sunlight. A walk in the heat in jeans you must agree is not comme il faut. The price of laser hair removal varies from 2,000 to 10,000 rubles, depending on the treated area.


Another procedure for winter peeling exfoliation of the skin surface with a chemical acid. Peeling helps get rid of dirt and small defects for example traces of acne adds elasticity and improve skin complexion. The procedure was carried out on three levels external removable only the upper layers of the epidermis average removed the entire thickness of the stratum corneum and deep. Depending on the condition of the skin beauticians recommend the type of peeling which is right for you. Number of treatments again depending on the type and condition of the skin peeling. The prices are different for example now popular almond peeling which perfectly cleanses and refreshes and is also suitable for sensitive skin will cost you 2,000 rubles.


The procedure of photorejuvenation is often compared to the plastic surgery. It solves a lot of problems without requiring surgery. The basis of the procedure to the skin with short light pulses. Do you want to get rid of age spots spider veins smooth out fine wrinkles or simply tighten the skin and refresh the complexion phototherapy to help you. It will take a course of several procedures usually from three to five. The price depends on the number of pulses one stands about 160 rubles and the size of the treated area face goes from 100 to 150 pulses .


If you decided to beauty shots Winter again the best time to start. Owners of dry skin beauticians are advised to carry out a course of mesotherapy aimed at intensive moisturizing the skin. Typically in the course of such drugs include hyaluronic acid vitamins and amino acids. To cope with fine wrinkles will biorevitalization injection of hyaluronic acid . Will win more wrinkles botulinum toxin injections. By the way the effect of Botox made in the autumn winter period lasts longer. Prices for beauty shots are very different, and sometimes much bite . Pierce forehead Botox cost an average of 10,000 rubles.


Flebosklerozirovanie procedure in the beauty industry is relatively new. However, it has already gained loyal fans among the female population because the problem of varicose veins the scourge of modern women. The mechanism of action is simple in the lumen of the varicose vein by injection introduces a special drug sclerosant which instantly destroys the inner layer of the vein. At the same time the blood flow in the vein is stopped and the Vienna resolved. Pros procedure a positive result in 90% of cases no scars or scars and most importantly no surgery. Why do it in the winter? It’s simple after the procedure is necessary for some time to wear an elastic bandage or tight clothing. Beautiful legs without bulging veins and spider veins will cost dearly

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