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What’s your make-up says about you?

What’s your make-up says about you?

Psychologists assert that the make up it’s not only underscore the advantages and disadvantages of disguise but also a kind of mask which you wear. What lies beneath? Did the experts to guess your character make up?

1. The black arrows a classic lipstick

You had a phenomenal memory and organizational skills will never be late do not forget about the great aunt’s birthday and adore rituals family dinners on Sundays or baking cookies for the New Year. Do you love the rhythm of life stability and predictability component lists. At you can always rely on and the bosses thinks you’re an indispensable employee


2. dyed eyebrows unusual lipstick rouge

You’re not one of those who prefer to remain in the shadows your appearance does not go unnoticed in any society. You are a leader a bright and ambitious self confident and very creative person. You know what you want you know how to achieve it and nothing will stop you on the path to the goal.


3. Focus on the eyelashes and dark lipstick

You fatal beauty and you know it. You go through life with the grace of a panther and no one suggested to be in your way. If you like the whole soul if offended that forever polar feelings yours feature as the proverb about love from which only one step to hate just came up about you.


4. Natural Makeover

You a dark horse. Doing make up which seemed to be, and not at all you on the one hand lays bare its true face on the other hand it’s still not it and the improved version. You’re sure of yourself but do not hurry to reveal the soul of the first comer you characterized by reasonable care and observation. That you achieve success there where many fail because they know how to wait.


5. Konturing smoky eyes lipstick

You are very emotional and cry from the mammoth songs. Your make up rather the visor which you lower going to battle. Colleagues and friends think you’re aggressive and bitchy but it is only a mask which you protect your sentimental and a little naive nature you see only the most closest.


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